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1. Roll Number of each semester / year is different. Therefore a student should fill up a separate exam form for separate semester / year. Application for more than one semester / year should not be made in one exam form. Separate exam form should be filled for separate semester / year. Such case arises in case of backlog students. A separate fee and late fee, if any, be paid with each exam form.
2. The university office must receive the examination form on or before due date. In case the last date fixed falls on a Sunday or a Holiday declared by government or university the next working day will be deemed to be the last day/date. This shifting of day/date shall apply automatically and the university will issue no notification.
3. The last dates mentioned are for the receipt of the forms in the university office. They do not indicate the last dates of dispatch of forms from study centres/ students. 4. The university cannot be held responsible by students or by any one, for the delays, omissions and commissions, of the study centres.
5. The students of courses who have appeared in the 1st Semester/year examination of a course should seek admission immediately after the exam of 1st semester/year to 2nd semester/year. They should not wait for the declaration of result. They will be the FRESH CANDIDATES for 2nd Semester/year. They should process exam forms and complete all formalities within the time schedule.

6. Similarly the examinees of 2nd semester / year should complete formalities for admission to 3rd semester / year and for exams thereafter. Similarly the examinees of 3rd, 4th and 5th semester / year should act within time schedule.
7. Candidate should keep a photocopy of all the sheets of the filled-up exam form in his record 8. The Study Centre should retain in record the photocopies of all the sheets of the exam forms of all his candidates.
9. Fresh candidates must enclose the photocopies of mark sheets of qualifying examination.
10. Backlog candidates must enclose the photocopies of mark sheet of the exam not cleared and past admission card. If mark sheets are not received, marks mentioned in the T.R. may be written.


1. A student will be deemed to be a failure only if he fills in the exam form for appearing in the exam wherein the Roll No. is granted and admission card is issued to him, after due consideration of his eligibility and appears in one or more papers but fails. 2. The backlog facility shall be available only to a candidate who has failed earlier in semester/year in one or more papers.
3. A student who does not fill up an exam form for exam of a class can not avail of backlog facility.

4. A student who fills up an exam form for a class but remains absent in all the papers shall be deemed to have not appeared in the exam. He cannot avail of the backlog facility. He will not be treated as failure. He shall be marked as ABSENT in result. Such students are not eligible to appear in both the semesters/years in the succeeding exam.
5. A fresh student is one who appears in an exam for the first time

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